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Remote studies will continue for spring 2021 – new mask recommendation at the University

The University of Oulu is continuing remote studies and remote work for the entire spring semester until the 31st of May. There will also be a new mask recommendation starting tomorrow, the 29th of October.

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Remote studies and remote work will continue at the University of Oulu until 31.5.2021. The University of Oulu made a decision on the matter today, the 28th of October. There will also be a new guideline for using masks starting tomorrow. Masks are recommended to be worn at campuses for the next two weeks in all public spaces.

The updated information can be found on the University’s website. The Oulu University of Applied Sciences also recommends using masks on campus. They informed students about this on the 19th of October.

The decision to arrange the spring semester’s teaching remotely is influenced by the current corona situation and future predictions, according to the University. The mask recommendation is based on local Oulu recommendation that was made yesterday, the 27th of October. The recommendation concerns the next two weeks, 29.10. to 12.11. According to the recommendation, a mask should be worn in all public spaces indoors as well as public events.

The University’s take on the local recommendation is that you don’t need to wear a mask if you can keep a safe distance to other people or work alone. The University also recommends no events with more than 20 attendees be held between 29.10.–12.11.

Jarmo Okkonen, Human Resources Director of the University of Oulu, told the magazine that the University would inform students more on thursday the 29th.

Earlier the University decided to continue remote teaching until the end of the year. Then Administrative Director Essi Kiuru told the magazine that the University hoped to return to normal contact teaching during next spring.

Oulu University is not alone with its new rulings. Similar decisions have been made in universities all across Finland, for example in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere. Masks have also been recommended in universities nationwide.

The University of Oulu originally decided on remote teaching for the second teaching period on the 16th of September. Remote teaching has continued in Oulu since spring 2020. The University opened its doors for the first time since the corona shutdown in August. You can find the latest information on the corona situation on the University’s website.

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