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Oulu Student Magazine is created by a group of writers, photographers and illustrators, most of whom are students or alumni of the University of Oulu. Freelancing for us is a great way to test your skills and receive feedback from your work. While previous work experience is a definite plus, most important factor is real interest to tell stories about student life.

So if you want to write, illustrate, photograph, create podcasts or produce social media content, please contact the Editor-in-chief, , or drop by our editorial office in the Student Union office.



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A master’s student in marketing who enjoys slow coffee-scented mornings, spends jogging paths with her two dogs and secretly dreams of a career as a homicide detective. Clears her brains by cleaning and drawing.

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The Oulu Student Magazine offers glimpses of student life, articles about interesting people, research conducted at the University of Oulu and topical events and much more – since 1961.

Oulu Student Magazine is a journalistically independent publication for the people studying in Oulu.

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