VVoting is one way to get your voice heard. Marcelo Goldmann lists 5 more ways to make a change. Photo by Parker Johnson on Unsplash.

Hi, 5 ways to get your voice heard

As individuals, we may feel like our voice is a single grain of sand on a vast beach. However, we must not forget that politics is just people, and we could have the power to affect decision-making. One of your main tools for using your power is voting in elections. Here are 5 more ways in which you can empower yourself and influence political change.

Write opinion pieces

An opinion piece is a small essay in which you present an informed opinion and use your knowledge and credible sources to defend your stance. You can write a blog and share it with your peers through social media. Presenting your opinion succinctly and defending your position with knowledge on the subject will also help you feel empowered.

Contact a member of the parliament

Finland has a parliamentary system, thus the power to make and execute laws is centered at the parliament. You could get your voice heard by for example contacting the Chairperson of the Environment Committee and asking about the actions the Committee is taking toward decreasing greenhouse gases in Finland. You can find contact information of the MPs at eduskunta.fi. Make sure to do your homework beforehand to make an informed, polite, and concise question.

Join a student organization

If you have no experience in politics and want to gain some experience, you can start in your school. By joining a student political organization like Keskustanuoret and Vihreät nuoret, you can get the small-scale experience of being the change you want to see. You could join the Student Representative Council and have an impact on student matters. The Student Council elections (edarivaalit) are coming up this autumn.

Join a political party

Now that you have gained some political experience, you can join a party which aligns with your convictions. Whether it’s the green party, the left, or right party, you will find a political party in which you can gain more experience and understand how politics work in Finland. If your ideas are too groundbreaking for existing parties, you can form your own. You will need to register your party and present the appropriate documentation, including 5000 signatures from supporters who are eligible to vote.

Run for office

If you’re highly politically motivated and want to make a change from the inside, what better way than getting into Finnish politics. A political career is challenging, but through hard work, motivation, and a bit of fortune, you can join the City Council, the Parliament, become Prime Minister, or President.


PS. It may seem like an impossible task to get into politics. However, decision-makers are just people like you and I. You could be one of them.

Marcelo Goldmann

A Doctor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Oulu. "Life is like a rubber duckie, you gotta keep it afloat to see its splendor." Instagram: @marcelogman

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