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Campus Shop closes, Juvenes’s Café Hub to sell paper and writing supplies

Campus Shop closes in October. Juvenes is not going to open a campus shop of their own at Linnanmaa. Instead, Café Hub is to sell writing supplies, such as pens, erasers, folders and notepads.

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Uniresta’s Campus Shop at Linnanmaa is closing in October. From January 2018 onwards, the shop’s premises will serve as the location of a new juice and smoothie shop operated by Juvenes-Yhtiöt.

According to Kaija-Liisa Silvennoinen, CEO of Uniresta, lack of suitable new premises at the Linnanmaa campus is the reason for the shop’s closing.

”We were keen on looking for new premises at the campus area, and were making enquiries. The university asked us to contact SYK Oy (University Properties of Finland ltd.). Their response was that currently no premises are available.”

Seppo Wiik, property manager at SYK Oy in Oulu, notes that there are no premises vacant that would be suitable for a shop specifically. It is not worthwhile to establish a shop in too remote a location.

”There could be room in the upper floors of the west side of the campus, but on the first floor, along the main hallway (väylä), there is no room. We will let Uniresta know if suitable premises turn up. Unfortunately, this is the situation right now.”

Campus Shop sells for example office and paper supplies, small gifts, course books and entrance exam books, as well as the university’s own branded products. Furthermore, the shop has been selling snacks, such as coffee, tea, sweets, salads and sandwiches.

Campus Shop will be open till week 42. The shop is scheduled to close down on Friday 20.10.

”Of course, the decision to close down the shop is a pity. We have received a vast amount of feedback from our clients as well as questions regarding where one will be able to buy pens for exams, or small gifts when needed,” Silvennoinen says.

Paper and pens can be bought at the campus in the future as well. Juvenes-Yhtiöt is not going to open a campus shop of their own. Instead, Café Hub is to sell office and paper supplies, such as pens, erasers, folders and notepads. In addition, the selection is going to include greetings cards. Books are not going to be part of the selection, says Katja Holm,  campus- and event manager from Juvenes-Yhtiöt.

”There has not been a decision concerning gift items. I can drive the idea forward if there is a demand for them,” she says. Furthermore, sweets are going to be included in the new juice and smoothie shop’s selection.

According to Holm, the current plan is to offer paper supplies only in Café Hub.

In April, the University of Oulu decided to end the tenancy concerning the premises of Campus Shop (formerly Paperikauppa, ”Paper Shop”).

The reason for terminating the tenancy agreement was the future need for more restaurant capacity as the Oulu University of Applied Sciences moves to Linnanmaa campus.

According to Kaija-Liisa Silvennoinen, the shop has been working in Linnanmaa since autumn 1973, and before that, in the city centre.


Translation: Tiia Kokko.

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