Student lunch prices to go down in 2021

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Text Anna-Sofia Tastula

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The Finnish Ministry of Finance decided in its budget negotiations on the 16th of September to compensate student lunch prices. The prices will go down from 3,06 euros to 2,70 euros maximum at the beginning of 2021. In August 2020 the government raised the student lunch prices due to increased ingredient costs.

All student restaurants have not increased their pricing to match the maximum price, which is currently 3,06 euros. Using the government funding is up to each restaurant, so not all restaurants choose to use the maximum funds for meals. Currently the maximum price for preparing one student meal is five euros.

At the University of Oulu, both Juvenes and Uniresta raised their prices to 3,06 euros. Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oamk) students paid 1,1 euros for their lunches before the raise in August. Also affecting the price is the move to Linnanmaa campus. The Oamk students now pay almost two euros more for their lunch.

Most exchange students in Finland are eligible for student priced lunches. Since 2012 students have paid 2,60 euros for their lunches. Student lunch prices have varied according to the maximum production costs. The maximum costs define how much money can be spent on making one meal. In 2011 the price for lunch was 2,50 euros. From 2003 to 2007 the price was 2,55 euros. The maximum prices have risen approximately 20–30 cents. The biggest increase, 46 cents, happened earlier this year.

In the future students will pay a maximum of 2,70 euros for their lunch. After the increase this August, the price will not go back to its previous level. The student priced lunch will cost 3,06 euros until the end of the year and even next year the price will be 10 cents higher than at the start of this year.

Published 17.9.2020

Anna-Sofia Tastula

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