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Hi, 5 Ways to Keep Calm and Embrace Being Student

Utilize the opportunities the university gives you!

Start Fresh

A new academic year, new luck, they say. Determined to get all the credits in the world, the students are piling up courses and workload. They tend to forget that university years are actually the most epic time of their lives. Tilt your situation and look at it from a different angle: Now life gives you a chance to dig deeper into your favourite spheres of knowledge and learn something fascinating. Why not take a course or two not directly related to your studies?

Do Some (back-) Ground Working

Maybe you need to joggle between part-time jobs, studies, and hobbies. Maybe you are lucky to be able to focus fully on your learning outcome. Whichever way, remember that your brain keeps working constantly – you don’t even need to trigger it forcefully. Take breaks from studying, go for a walk, meet friends, and play sports games outdoors. In the meanwhile, let those grey masses filling the space between your ears take care of the seemingly unsolvable problem in your homework in the background. Relaxing and balancing your lifestyle helps you indirectly with your work. Don’t cut short on that!

Stop Worrying

You will graduate, eventually. Students do it all the time, believe me. If you fail a course, or you find something too difficult – worry not. Constant practice is what keeps you moving forward. Worrying won’t help much. Instead, get up and try again. You’ll get that degree, sooner or later, so you might as well enjoy the ride.

Do the Networking

Your classmates from today might be your colleagues from tomorrow. Who says being a successful student constrains you to sitting all alone in a library? Network, teamwork, socialize, go to parties and meet new people! Oulu is the Silicon Valley of Finland – if you want to create your own start-up one day, you might as well find human resources already now.

Go Places

If you have ever dreamed of living abroad for a while, or you simply want to improve your English skills, or you are just curious – go on exchange. Now it is the time! You will get all the necessary support and financial aid from your university and government; you will have a reason and a learning agreement that keep you from falling behind in your curriculum, and you might come across an important person, place or professor for your future life path.

Bianca Beyer

When I don’t sit over plans to erase all evil and meet unicorns, or dream of eating cotton candy, I believe in hard facts and science, doing my PhD in Accounting at the University of Oulu. Using writing as an information transmitter, outlet for creativity or simply for mere entertainment, I believe I am totally living the dream with all my current jobs. Blog: beapproved.wordpress.com

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