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Hi, 5 great Finnish festivals to visit during the summer

Summer is right around the corner. Not only have we survived the wet autumn, but also the long and harsh winter. Finally, it is time to be outside and enjoy the sun. But the sun is just the beginning. In Finland, summer is a truly magical season and it needs to be experienced to the max. There are few better ways to accomplish this than to visit some of the amazing festivals that Finland has to offer.

Ruisrock (July 6-8)

Perhaps one of the best rock festivals in Europe, Ruisrock takes places at the Ruissalo island in Turku. Big Finnish names like Cheek and Sanni will be present, as well as internationally renowned group N.E.R.D. Ruisrock offers popular music for all tastes, as well as art exhibits and performances.


Nummirock (June 20-23)

If you’re into metal music, Nummirock is the place for you. Taking place at the Nummijärvi lake in Kauhajoki (near Seinäjoki), this legendary festival is not only a pleasant music experience, but also a great chance to camp and chill with your friends. Finnish and international bands play at several stages, so there is enough variety for all types of metal enjoyment. At the place, there is space to park your car and place your tents. There are day tickets, as well as 2- and 4-day tickets.


Pori Jazz (July 14-22)

If jazz is more your thing, you can enjoy the tunes of the great Pori Jazz festival, which will not only include talented jazz artists, but also popular artists like Alanis Morissette and James Blunt. This festival has been taking please since 1966, and its audience has grown considerably over the years. Check out the program and artist line-up at porijazz.fi.


Midnight Sun Film Festival (June 13-17)

Music is not the only thing you can enjoy in Finnish festivals. If you’re a fan of cinematography, the Midnight Sun Film Festival is for you. Founded in 1986 by the Finnish Kaurismäki brothers, the festival takes place about 120 kilometers above the Arctic Circle in Sodankylä. There will be films being shown in 4 venues all day and all night. You will find all information at the Midnight Sun Film Festival website.


Tampere Theatre Festival (August 6–12)

Many people don’t think of theatre when it comes to festivals. However, this festival promises to blow your mind with all types of theatrical performances, ranging from classical to contemporary, from drama to circus. Taking place in the beautiful city of Tampere, the Tampere Theatre Festival is celebrating its 50th anniversary, so you can expect a particularly enticing programme.

If none of these festivals tickle your fancy, you can always check festivals.fi for a large list of all types of festivals in Finland.

Marcelo Goldmann

A Doctor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Oulu. "Life is like a rubber duckie, you gotta keep it afloat to see its splendor." Instagram: @marcelogman

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