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From Uuno to Uuni: Why Did We Change a Letter?

They say, when you give a child a name, you determine his or her destiny. This part of the magazine is like a child to us, and it’s time to baptize it. From now on it is called “UUNI”. And we mean the following things with this name.

TEKSTI Margarita Khartanovich

KUVAT Alisa Tciriulnikova

1. University

It is a place, which helps you grow as a person and as a specialist. Sometimes you might feel confused or lost with the direction of your studies or your future after graduation. We try to collect the best tips, experiences, advice, trends, and statistics to get you back on track.

2. United

Being a student is about unity and friendship. You get to know a great number of people. You make long-term friends. You are having the time of your life. Our articles provide you with the knowledge of interpersonal communication, cultural and political events, student activities and many other areas of social life in Finland.

3. Union

You are a member of Oulu University Student Union, OYY. We keep you updated with the latest news, decisions, activities and events arranged by it. You should know your rights, you should stand your ground, you should be involved in decision-making as this is your present, and most importantly this is your future.

4. Universal

Who is this “you” we always address to? Well, it is YOU! And you are a whole UNIverse to us. We are curious about your background but we don’t let stereotypes determine our writings. You are a student in Finland, in Oulu, and you should be informed about certain things. That’s all that matters.

5. Uuni

Translated from Finnish it means “oven”. We attempt to cook you in our oven of ideas, inspiration, tips, useful information and lots of fun. This is our Top Chef show, and you are both our main guest and dish. So, welcome to Uuni!

Margarita Khartanovich

UUNI Editor, Master’s degree in Journalism (University of Tampere). Interested in politics, history, music, social issues and education. Twitter: @marthatcher

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