Timi Kärki chosen as OYY’s Project Coordinator, Kati Kantonen as Event Producer and Eetu Leinonen as Community Specialist

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Text Iida Putkonen

Three new employees will start working in the Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY). The position of Project Coordinator in a project related to welfare tutors and the positions of Event Producer and Community Specialist in the student union were opened earlier this year.

The first new employee was selected at the OYY board meeting on March 5th. Timi Kärki was elected as the coordinator of the welfare project supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Kärki studies history at the University of Oulu and has previously been a part of OYY’s Student Council. He started working for OYY last week. By the deadline, 15 people applied for the position of Project Coordinator, three of whom were interviewed. The Project Coordinator is scheduled to work until the end of 2022 to promote well-being tutor activities at the University of Oulu.

“It feels weird to jump from a student’s role to an expert’s position all of a sudden. It’s great to get to do meaningful work and strive to improve student well-being on a larger scale than before. I strive for everyone to have the opportunity to find a suitable hobby and also find new friends from hobbies”, Kärki commented to the magazine.

Last Thursday, March 25, OYY’s Board selected a new Event Producer and Community Specialist for the Student Union. In the past, job titles have belonged to one employee, Specialist of Events and Associations. Following the resignation of the previous Specialist of Events and Associations the titles were separated in February 2021.

Kati Kantonen was chosen as the OYY’s Event Producer last Thursday. Kantonen has a Master’s in Education from University of Jyväskylä. Nine people applied for the Event Producer position, three of whom were interviewed. Among other things, the Event Producer is responsible for organizing the opening event of the academic year.

Eetu Leinonen was chosen as the Community Specialist from 11 applicants and four interviewees. Leinonen is studying statistics and the Finnish language at the University of Oulu. He served as Chairman of OYY’s Board 2020 and as a substitute for OYY’s Specialist of Academic Affairs in early 2021. Leinonen began his work as a Community Specialist on Monday, March 29. The role of the Community Specialist is fixed-term and will last until the end of 2022.

“My goal in this work is to be present to students and organizations. In addition, in my work I seek to develop the community spirit of the university and the Student Union and to monitor interests, especially in international matters. I’m enthusiastic at the moment and I hope to be able to start work full steam ahead soon”, Leinonen told the magazine on his first working day.

OYY’s Secretary General Kauko Keskisärkkä says that he is satisfied with the choices.

”The chosen ones represent very different backgrounds: Leinonen, who is more familiar with OYY, Kärki, who is a little familiar with OYY, and Kantonen, who brings a completely new perspective,” says Keskisärkkä.

Published 29.3.2021

Iida Putkonen

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