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Do you want to order Oulu Student Magazine printed newspaper straight to your front door? You can fill the signup form on our website, but it’s currently only in Finnish.)

You can choose either buying just our next issue (2/2020) or the yearly subscription (4 issues, starting from 2/2020).

For members of the Student Union of the University of Oulu (OYY) the price is 2,60 euros for one issue (2/2020) or 9,90 euros for yearly subscription (4 issues, starting from 2/2020). For others, the price is 5 euros per issue (2/2020) and 20 euros for yearly subscription (4 issues, starting from 2/2020).

Note: Please place your order by 15th of April by noon so you’ll guarantee having your issue delivered on publication date. Orders placed after that date will be delivered on week 18.

Publication dates for year 2020

1/2020                          27.2.2020

2/2020                         23.4.2020

3/2020                         27.8.2020

4/2020                         4.11.2020

Pickup points

You can grab our printed issue from several pick up points located in the University of Oulu’s campuses and in the Cultural Centre Valve.

NOTE: The University of Oulu has closed its campuses and moved to distance learning due to the coronavirus pandemic. The closure of campuses is in effect until the 13th of May 2020, according to current information. The Cultural Centre Valve is also closed until the 31st of May 2020. Therefore, the print issues of Oulu Student Magazine (the already published issue 1/2020 or the upcoming number 2/2020) cannot be obtained from the usual pickup points.

You can read the digital editions of our printed issues on Issuu.com

The pick up points in Linnanmaa are located in Tellus, H20 Campus, in front of OYY’s office, in front of the Pegasus library, coat racks next to Foodoo, in front of Cafe Hub and next to the staircases at X1-door. The pickup points in Kontinkangas are located in Cafe Galenos, hallway of Dentopolis, Kieppi and in front of Citylab. There’s one pickup point at Cultural House Valve.

Missing your printed issue?

If you didn’t receive your printed issue or your mailing address has changed, please let us know via emailing (toimitus@oyy.fi) or by calling (+358 40 526 7821).