"If you don’t want to go very far from the Pegasus Library, there is the Tellus area where you can find a cozy place to study by yourself or with classmates", says Marcelo Goldmann.

Hi, 5 Places to study other than the Pegasus Library

The Pegasus Library at the University of Oulu is one of the best places to study. It is quiet, comfortable, and you have access to everything you need. However, for many of us, the library atmosphere might actually feel overwhelming. In that case, we can try one or several of the following five alternative places.

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Text Marcelo Goldmann

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Tellus Innovation Arena

If you don’t want to go very far from the Pegasus Library, there is the Tellus area where you can find a cozy place to study by yourself or with classmates. There are several open tables, covered areas, and even closed cabinets where you can study for your next exam. If you have a large group of classmates to study with, you can reserve one of the meeting rooms.

As an added bonus, you can rest in the Nest or even take a nap for a while to recover your energies. Moreover, you can easily get a small snack, coffee, or tea at the TellUs coffee shop. Try the espresso! And hey, the students of Kontinkangas campus: your very own Tellus Kontinkangas will be finished in the autumn of 2019!



Studying at home is a double-edged sword. While you’re at home, you’re the master of your surroundings, the queen or king of your castle. You can decide how to study, where to study, what music to play, and how often to take breaks. You can prepare the snacks and drinks you like whenever you want. However, many people find working and studying at home very difficult because of all the distractions. It is somehow much easier to procrastinate at home than in a strictly study environment like a library. However, with a little discipline, you can find that sweet spot where you can comfortably study without procrastinating too much.


A classmate’s place (or your place with a classmate)

If you find it hard to study on your own, you can ask a classmate or friend to study with you, either at your place or theirs. This will allow both of you to keep each other motivated. Certainly there’s the risk that you will both feed each other’s procrastination, so make sure you are in the right mindset to study together. As an added bonus, you can ask each other questions that you don’t understand. Two heads are better than one.


Coffee shop

Some people find it easier to study when there is real life ”white noise” in the background, such as the noises found in a coffee shop. Sure, you can also get those coffee shop sounds online, but nothing beats the real thing. It’s always nice to have someone else serve you coffee and cake, even if you have to pay for it.



If you prefer a more naturalistic approach, you may find the peace of mind needed to crunch all those books in the outdoors. You can go to a quiet spot in the forest and enjoy the daylight and the soft swaying of the trees and the pleasant sound of the wind.  Just make sure it’s a nice warm day without wind or rain.


Bonus tip: Whether you prefer the silence of the library, the versatility of home study, the noise of a coffee shop, or the peace of nature, the important part is that you set little goals for yourself. If you set unrealistic goals, like reading two textbooks in a day, you will find yourself demotivated. Instead, try setting more down-to-earth goals.

Published 27.9.2018

Marcelo Goldmann

A Doctor of Chemical Engineering from the University of Oulu. "Life is like a rubber duckie, you gotta keep it afloat to see its splendor." Instagram: @marcelogman

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